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I had the wrong day

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone got a chance to take a look at Terri’s guest post from Monday.  She is such an inspiration to me.  (AND it’s her birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday!!) I made a sign for her on the … Continue reading

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New Food Plate

I love the new food plate!!  Have you seen it?  This is the newest version of the basic nutritional guide. (source) I think it gives a better visualization of how to go about choosing what you put on your plate.  … Continue reading

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1 year Pesce-versary and a weekend recap

Today  is my 1 year Pesce-versary!!  One year ago, I decided meat no longer had a place in my life.  It wasn’t until recently that I actually realized what I was…a pescetarian.  I had never heard of it before, so … Continue reading

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Pretend it’s still warm

Ok, so the snow that was predicted DID come.  Not all of it, but it’s here nonetheless.  But who says we have to give into it and go back to those winter blahs. Bright colors and good food will take … Continue reading

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Snacks are the key to my sanity

Have you ever heard that hunger is often a mind issue and not really a hunger issue at all?  I think everyone should eat enough to feel satisfied and certainly starving yourself is not AT ALL an option for weight … Continue reading

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Adventures in Juicing

Getting enough veggies and fruit into your body in a day is something you have to work at.   It’s as if you have to continue to eat the entire day…not that I mind eating all day of course!!  But when … Continue reading

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