Emma’s life

A lot of people ask me what’s involved in caring for Emma now that she is an insulin-dependent diabetic.  So, I thought I would put it together for you.

Consistency is the key.

She gets her glucose level checked twice a day, gets insulin twice a day, and eats twice a day.  At approximately the same time.  Every day.  There is a window, but it’s not very big, so I have become much more schedule-conscious.  I was always regular, but that has improved twenty-fold!

So, twice a day I get out the suppliesAs soon as I open the “hospital drawer” where everything is kept, she makes her way over to me.  I sit on the floor and she gets herself ready.


Then I flip back her ear to locate a good “spot” to prick for blood

Then the part I hate, I have to prick her. Every day. Twice a day.  I hate it…she doesn’t seem to mind so much!

I collect the blood and get a number.

There is an ideal range – I keep her a little higher than normal so I don’t risk her bottoming out (that could cause seizures and, well, death, and we DEFINITELY don’t want that!!).

Then she gets to eat!

That’s her FAVORITE part!!  I give her the appropriate amount of insulin based on the number, and record it all in a log.

Then it’s off to relaxing when the whole process is over.

Then repeat.  Every 12 hours.

I think she secretly loves this because she gets a TON of attention that the boys don’t.

She’s worth it of course…my little brown dog!

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One Response to Emma’s life

  1. Angie says:

    You’re such a good mommy!

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