New Food Plate

I love the new food plate!!  Have you seen it?  This is the newest version of the basic nutritional guide.


I think it gives a better visualization of how to go about choosing what you put on your plate.  There is always going to be some controversy and there are always going to be things that don’t work for everyone (some people don’t think dairy should be included, some people are allergic to certain grains, etc., etc., etc.).  But you have to start somewhere.  I think there has to be a general guideline (which this is) which can then be catered to fit your specific needs.  I, for one, am a fan!

Unfortunately, sometimes the cravings for things like veggie lo-mein come on:

And then, well, unfortunately the plate goes out the window.  BUT, everything in moderation…what fun would it be without a small splurge here and there!

What do you think?  Do you like it better than the pyramid?

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