Crazy Legs

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  It has been absolutely beautiful here in the DC area.  I think the dogs want to live outside!!

Levi has been obsessed with the baby bird he can see (and smell…hopefully not taste…he has a bad reputation for this!!) through a crack in the deck.  Luckily for the birds, they found their flying wings and headed out today.  Levi still visits, looking in, JUST IN CASE THEY COME BACK FOR A VISIT!!)

On another subject, most of you probably know I’m a regular blood donor.  I think if you can give, it’s worth the time for such a gift.  No money in the world can buy you blood if someone doesn’t take the time to donate it!  Recently, I took the plunge to platelets.   You can give platelets more often (technically, every 7 days, but the American Red Cross recommends a two week wait) than whole blood (only once every 8 weeks).  Platelets are used for cancer patients, among other things.  It’s a much longer process (2 1/2 hours instead of 30 minutes), but I know I would appreciate someone’s time if someone I loved needed them.

So, Friday was the day.  You pick out a movie (I chose ‘Someone Like You’ – sappy chick flick), they get you all cozy and warm in blankets and the process begins….

Two and a half hours later…

I’ve never had trouble with feeling whoozy after, but my legs are J.E.L.L.O.  You are resting comfortably in reclining chairs, but since my feet are up a bit (and I don’t have the best leg circulation to begin with), walking after is a bit weird.  Ok, a lot weird.

I feel like I have crazy legs!  Anyway, it’s worth it – what’s a little crazy leg?  Anyone who can give, I urge you to give it a shot.  Stop by your local Red Cross and see if you’re eligible.  Even if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time, what’s 30 minutes?  I’m sure we all waste more than that every day doing nothing.

Have you ever donated?

Happy Giving!

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One Response to Crazy Legs

  1. Kandi says:

    I used to give blood as regularly as I was allowed (aside from the 8 week wait, I sometimes had low iron and was ineligible). I don’t give as often these days but try to whenever I feel that I can. I get nervous giving blood too close to a big race. I also have rolling veins so it’s not always the most pleasant experience. I’ve also had other issues with donating. I’ve never donated platelets though. I have nearly passed out on several occasions while giving blood or soon after though.
    But I agree that it is a gift worth giving if you are able.

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