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I had the wrong day

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone got a chance to take a look at Terri’s guest post from Monday.  She is such an inspiration to me.  (AND it’s her birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday!!) I made a sign for her on the … Continue reading

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My Marathon Experience…a guest post

Hi everyone, my name is Terri McKenzie and I have been a friend of April’s since the first grade.  I am honored that she asked me to write about my marathon experience. By no means am I an expert in … Continue reading

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2 Speeds

Lately I feel as if I only operate on 2 speeds. and I can’t seem to find a happy place in the middle. I think it is all the change going on…but my body is confused.  I am either running … Continue reading

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My New Life

Maybe this will sound a bit over dramatic to those of you that have moved around within different fields of work, but for me, this is a BIG deal. I’ve been a Biologist for the past 16 years.  I have … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Dads are different.  And I don’t mean in the ha ha funny different (although they can be that too!!).  The impact a father has on a life is just different than any other.  I am blessed with many great relationships … Continue reading

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You Have to Love Jamie Oliver

Anyone else watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  He is great!  He is all about saving the health of the next generation.  Obesity is affecting children to the point that there will be children regularly dying before their parents if it … Continue reading

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Life Changing Week

My apologies for the lack of posts this week.  I’ve been extremely preoccupied with a huge change…my mind has been non-stop, but my posts have taken the backseat this week. Stay tuned for some excitement 🙂

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