GOTR season celebration

After a great Spring season, it’s really sad to see it come to the end.  But instead of being sad, we celebrate!  The 5K was last Sunday and essentially the end of the season.  We wanted to get the girls together one last time to celebrate the fun we’ve had together with a lunch party!  Of course there was pizza involved (I was almost mugged walking into an elementary school at the bell with a stack of pizzas in my arms!!), but we also tried to keep with some healthier ideas and offered strawberries and grapes and the girls LOVED them!

We talked about what the girls thought of the 5K.  For some of them, this was their first time with GOTR, and the first time running a race ever so it was really fun to hear their thoughts.  We gave out fabric markers and allowed them all to sign each others’ shirts as a reminder of all the friends they had made.

And we printed out a TON of pictures taken throughout the course of the season for them to sort through and cut and decorate a memory book.

They had a blast!!  Two of the girls are leaving for middle school, but most of the rest are planning on joining us again next season, along with some new faces to stir things up a bit.  And even though we celebrated, we were still a little sad 😦

When our time was over, even the parents thanked us… how sweet of them to think of us.

That, along with thanks and hugs from the girls, it’s off to a summer of fun for them, but back to lessons with GOTR in the Fall!!


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