Candid Camera

I really think someone is following me around with a camera….there is no better explanation.

I have to get a pee sample from Emma to help me decide how much insulin to give.  She normally takes a slow stroll across the deck and down the steps.  I can leave the house after her and still reach the yard before she gets there.  Well, some crazy dog burst of energy took over.  When I got home tonight, she took off out the door and down the steps.

I ran after her, pee cup in hand, across the deck down the steps, RIGHT into a pile of mud where I crashed and burned, sitting in the grass, covered in mud.  I looked to the side and Emma is still in pee mode, so I reach out from my butt-in-the-mud position, getting the cup under her JUST in time for a sample.

Mission Accomplished….but not in a pretty way.  I was born on a Monday and I always knew the phrase, “Monday’s child is full of grace.”  My guess is it’s not that kind of grace 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!

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