Negative Advertisements

It’s funny how much I learn with Girls On The Run…it’s not just for 8-10 year olds!!

I am not naive, I know a lot of advertisements are misleading, making claims that you will be beautiful, or young or perfect…if you buy the product.  But I never realized HOW MANY are like that.

This afternoon at GOTR, we had the girls look through some magazine advertisements and discuss what the message was.  We couldn’t find one good one!  I finally had to improvise and just ask, “Do you think all ads have negative messages?”.  Most said yes.  How very sad!!!  I asked the girls to try and think of ads or messages that were positive and, while they struggled a bit, they were able to come up with a few that they were familiar with.

The lesson today was to help the girls understand the messages that are being told.  It helps them to be more aware of their choices – what is a good message, what is just a bunch of boloney!!

The girls were very impressive, each sharing how inner beauty is more important.  What a great thing to grab hold of early in life.  Most of us have to try to push through the bad stuff to get back to realizing this as an adult.

Our 5K is on Sunday and I am sad to see our season come to an end…but what a great one it has been!!

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