Update on Emma

Happy Monday everyone!!

Just an update on my girl…Diabetes.

It’s not great, but it can be managed.

She looooved her trip to the vet (well, anything in the car is great fun for her!!)

Her numbers are through the roof!!  So, insulin twice a day it is.  Now, we just have to get a handle on it.  Peeing in a cup every morning – ok, me following her into the yard in my robe at 5am with a plastic cup.

Shots every day…twice…no fun for her.  The boys are jealous of what they don’t understand…if they only knew!!

She is taking full advantage of my leniency (she just gives me the eyes and she gets her way!!)

I was told that dogs are really sensitive to changes in blood sugar and if her sugar isn’t as high as I think and she gets the full insulin, it could crash out her glucose and throw her into a seizure and, as realistically but as bluntly as possible, she could die before I make it home from work…. So, of course, I am obsessed with her care.  I stare at her.  As soon as she is sleeping, I call her name to be sure she is still with me.  I know, I’m a crazy person, and she probably wishes she could punch me, but until we have it figured out….it is what it is.

I’ll keep you updated on how she’s doing…

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2 Responses to Update on Emma

  1. Kandi says:

    Sweet pup. Hope you get everything figured out soon!

  2. Angie says:

    Poor Emma! At least she’s in good hands!

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