The Ending of a Book

I’m not one to read a book from beginning to end, then start a new one.  I usually have several going at once.  They are usually very different so I’m able to pick up whichever one I happen to be in the mood for when I want to read.  For example, I might have a fictional murder mystery, a business book, a motivational book and a magazine all going at the same time.

Being away this week, my plan was to just spend quiet time alone, giving myself time to rest and reflect.  I planned on getting a lot of reading in, so I packed up my stack of books (I think it’s time to consider a Kindle or nook!!).

One thing about having so many books in play at once is that you don’t finish them too quickly.  Except when you’re on a solo vacation and have A LOT of time to yourself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, finishing a good book feels like an accomplishment to me (I know, I’m a dork, but that’s not the point of this story).  But there are times when I get really upset when the ending of a book draws near.  In those moments I wish the book was double its thickness.  Instead of an accomplishment, I feel like it’s a disappointment, how can it be over, I want to read more….

It’s even funnier when the book is one I hesitated to even pick up in the first place…

I’m not a fan of those Real Housewives shows.  I’ve always found them to stupid frankly (no offense to the fans out there!!) and they never held my attention.  But Bethenny Frankel was a little different.  She didn’t fit into the stereotype I had in my head.  I never saw her on the Housewives show, only on appearances afterward, where she would share nutrition tips.  Most of you know that’s my thing, so she caught my interest.  I looked into her a little more and found out she is a Natural Foods Chef…and a whole lot more.  Through countless self-proclaimed failures and a mix of success, she’s a smart businesswoman.

I turned to her Bethenny Ever After show (with even more hesitation than when I finally decided to pick up the book), and I was hooked.  I’m not hooked on the daily drama of what she’s wearing or who said what, but on the business side of things, on how she pulls things together, on how, like this blog, she finds balance…

So, I picked up the book.

And it was really good.  It was really real, real life.  In fact, sometimes I thought I wrote it!!  Some of the circumstances are different of course, but the heart of it is what, I believe, all women go through.  The title came across pretty strongly to me at first, but it’s really really great.

Anyway,  a book review and a change of heart.  And I’m wishing there was more…..guess I’ll have a Skinnygirl Margarita!

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2 Responses to The Ending of a Book

  1. Kandi says:

    I know nothing of this woman except that she’s had reality shows about her (and I had NO IDEA why people should know her). But, you made me interested in her book.

    • I know! I thought the same exact thing. There was just this one glimmer of something that interested me when I heard she was a natural foods chef. I had to put the “reality tv” thing behind me (trust me, it was hard at first!!) and look at her as a businesswoman and I really changed my mind. Crazy!
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