My Baby Girl

Most of you know that my heart is made up of 99% chocolate lab named Emma.

But her brothers tend to steal the spotlight…because they are soooo goofy!!

So, I decided today was the day to show her off a little.  She hasn’t been feeling very well lately, so she’s getting a LOT more attention!!

She LOVES her toys….but even more than toys…STICKS!!

And, as I’m sure you can guess by her large middle (despite exercise and healthy food!!), she really loves to rest 🙂

And the car…she’s been known to slip into the car and assume her position in the passenger seat while I’m unloading groceries!

And despite ignoring them for a full year when they boys showed up at the house, she does love them too (most days!!)

Normally, the couch is reserved for Levi only (he has very little hair), but since she’s not feeling well, I gave into those eyes and let her take a spot today as I work:

Although her reign over her space was cut short by a jealous boy!!

Luckily she has had plenty of time practicing patience with them over their 4 1/2 years!

So, that’s my girl…wanted to let her shine today!  She has been by my side through everything and I just love her.  She knows when it’s time to play and when she needs to cuddle up beside me to comfort me when I’m sad…somehow they always know.

Give your best friend a kiss on the head today and toss a tennis ball with them.  Attention from you makes their world perfect!!

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