I’ll be using the water stations

I realize now why there are water stations planted all over a race course.

I just figured it would be easier to have your own water, not needing to rely on the frequency that’s been determined by someone else.  I was wrong. Very wrong.  I spent a lot of time trying on various fuel belts until I found the perfect one…or so I thought.

During my long run this past weekend, I fought my belt the entire run.  It wasn’t very comfortable, the belt was slipping, then pinching, the bottle was leaking on my legs.  I am not a fan.

Now, as to not completely slam the belt, when pulled down over my hips, it was great for a walk…but that’s not what I paid for.

Has anyone else had any experience with fuel belts…love ’em or leave ’em?

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4 Responses to I’ll be using the water stations

  1. Kandi says:

    I’ve never used a belt but I have a CamelBak. I haven’t used it during a race yet but I’m considering it for my marathon.

  2. runtosmile says:

    Leave ’em. And I live and run in Central Florida–often training in the middle of the day. If it’s really hot (and it usually is), I either rely on the water fountains placed along my favorite trail, or, if running somewhere unusual, like a state park, I just carry bottled water.

  3. Thanks, that’s definitely feeling like what will work best for me too!

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