The weather is funny. Ok, not ha ha funny, but funny still.  Spring has just arrived…so have consistent 80 degree days and full sun.  Does Not Compute! Every day, there is a hint that the temperatures will come down to wonderful (~70) so I hold off with the air conditioning.

The dogs aren’t very happy with my decision…

Cooper’s tongue has a mind of its own on a normal day…add in some hot temperatures and he’s mopping the kitchen floor!

Levi acts like we just ran…he’s very dramatic!

Hopefully today will be the day that the rain cools everything down.  Otherwise, I think they are all going to vote to move out onto the deck!!!

Have a Happy Thursday!

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2 Responses to HOT DOGS

  1. Kandi says:

    The weather definitely has been a little crazy lately. It seems to want to either be 40 or 80, nothing in between. I’m holding off on the A/C as well but it seems to bother me more than Delilah.

  2. Thanks for letting me know I have company on the ‘no AC yet’ bandwagon…makes me feel better!

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