The season is winding down…

We are left with only 3 weeks of Girls On The Run after this week…time flies!!  Today was a really small group – only 3 girls!  Talent Show practice was being held at the same time.  But, I have to say…we had a blast!

The girls had the serious giggles and it was somehow contagious.  We all laughed and had a great time.  It was REALLY hot though, so running wasn’t the most pleasant experience today.  We all fell a bit short of our goals and took a few extra water breaks, but it was absolutely necessary – full sun and 85 at 3pm!!

We received our new practice shirts today – green this season.

The girls wanted to know who chose the color….and, well, we don’t know.  Every season we receive a practice shirt and a race shirt and every season they are different.  SO I asked them what they would pick if given the choice…..unanimously…tie-dye.

So, I have a question for you… what colors come to mind when you think of healthy living?

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