Most of you already know about my love for Girls On The Run.  It’s a self-esteem building program for girls 8-10 years old that uses the platform of training for a 5K to teach them about healthy living, including all the ‘girl pressures’ that start to appear at that age.

This is my second season coaching and I love it!!

There is a program within Girls On The Run called Solemates that allows us to give in a different way too.  We are able to run any race (Frederick 1/2 marathon on May 7….yikes!!!) in honor of Girls On The Run and donate the funds raised.  Any money raised goes toward funding the program for girls that are less fortunate and maybe can’t afford to join without it.  It also allows those girls to buy a pair of running shoes…how sweeeeeet!

Anyone interested in donating toward my race and helping to support Girls On The Run, you can visit the fundraising page at

I only have 2 weeks, so I’ve set a goal of $300 (although I would LOOOOOVE to give more of course).  For the first 10 people that donate a minimum of $30, I will literally wear you on my arms during the race (your name that is!!), taking you with me every mile of the way.

Thank you in advance for all of your support for this amazing program!!!!

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