How To Start

I hold a conference call every other Wednesday night for a group of business owners.  The subject I chose on my most recent call was ‘How To Start’ and it focused on not just business tasks but on everything we need to ‘start’ which includes, well, EVERYTHING.

I thought the call had some great points with several people thanking me for helping give them a kick in the pants.

Yet, here my blog sat on ‘vacation’ because of my busy work schedule.

We tend to think we want everything to be ready, or right, or in line, before we start something when really we just have to start.  One day, one 15 minute session, one small step…and then keep doing that.  And then do it again.  And then do it again.  That’s how things move forward.

This blog’s focus is on keeping a balance but I’ve been letting my scales lean WAY too heavily, almost entirely, on my work.

Tonight, I’m starting.

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