Pretend it’s still warm

Ok, so the snow that was predicted DID come.  Not all of it, but it’s here nonetheless.  But who says we have to give into it and go back to those winter blahs.

Bright colors and good food will take you back to that warm place…

This morning, I added a zucchini to my juice!  Apple, carrots, spinach and zucchini:

And on the docket for later, a salad and fruit:

Trying to be prepared!!

Later, my attempt at roasting a spaghetti squash.  And yes, I’m going sans protein today and tomorrow in an attempt at a 2-day fruit and vegetable cleanse.  It’s a good idea to throw a few of these in each year, so we’ll see how it goes… 🙂

Have a great morning…and Think Spring!!

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