Back to the golf course…woohoo

Well, the weather gave us such a wonderful surprise that I found myself hitting balls at Whiskey Creek on a BEAUTIFUL Friday night followed by drinks and dinner watching the sunset.  Too bad the forecast is for 8 inches of snow tonight…weird…but it was such a great break from reality!!!

And then there is Yoga.  I found a new studio (well, new to me).  There is free Yoga on Sundays at 4.  The classes are led by teachers in training.  Since they need the practice and I need the free classes, it’s a PERFECT combination!!

The studio is very cool…old row home in downtown Frederick.  Everything is original (or at least made to look that way, and very believable, so it’s good for me).  There are old wood floors and giant doors and old radiators and just everything else that made it perfect.  The teacher did such a great job.  Just my luck, I ran 4 miles earlier in the day with no walk break (yay, me!!) and the class was an hour and 15 minutes on hamstrings.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  My legs felt wonderful afterward.  I’m bummed the free classes are only once a week!!

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful night!!!

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