Snacks are the key to my sanity

Have you ever heard that hunger is often a mind issue and not really a hunger issue at all?  I think everyone should eat enough to feel satisfied and certainly starving yourself is not AT ALL an option for weight management.  But why do we sometimes overeat?

Preparation!  Sounds silly…stay with me for a minute.  Put yourself in this scenario.  You get up on a Saturday morning, have a great breakfast and head out for a day of shopping with a friend.  You are having a great time, laughing, trying on clothes and shoes and wow, it’s lunch time…hungry right when you should be.  Try a different scenario…you wake up on a Friday morning, have a great breakfast and go to work.  You don’t have anything too pressing to address so you are stuck in your seat at your desk all day.  About an hour into your day, you feel a little hungry.  What if all you have is your lunch?  This has been my experience many times over and I’m told I’m not alone.

Because you aren’t concentrating on something else, you think about food.  Why?  Because we like it.  Not a problem…just have good snacks.  If you find yourself in the second scenario and a donut cart rolls by, you’ll probably get one (or two or three).  Maybe an hour later someone brings in a birthday cake for a co-worker…might have a big piece.  If you keep yourself hydrated and have healthy snacks on board, you can counter this.

So, for some examples…

Fruit and a clif bar.  Snacks to spread throughout the day.  NOT a junky bar…check out these ingredients:

It’s a waste to get bars with a ton of sugar or preservatives.  When you’re choosing a bar, read the label – do you know what everything is?

And there’s always nuts – a moderate amount, don’t go crazy.

Not only are you getting a healthy snack, you’re getting protein and “good” fat.

This doesn’t mean I won’t still grab a donut, but being prepared allows me to be ok with one donut, not three and a small piece of cake, not half of the cake.  Everything in moderation…

And of course, getting a good night sleep always helps.  When you don’t, you are unable to focus the next day, which will then allow those false “I’m hungry” thoughts to enter…even if you’re not!!

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