Adventures in Juicing

Getting enough veggies and fruit into your body in a day is something you have to work at.   It’s as if you have to continue to eat the entire day…not that I mind eating all day of course!!  But when you’re exercising (especially in full-on training for a 1/2 marathon…more about that to come), you have to be sure you are getting enough protein as well.  So how do you fit it all in?

My new love – the juicer!!

You can get so much into a tall glass of juice – spinach, carrots, cucumber, apples…and it’s delicious!!  There are a huge variety of juicers available, but I am just crazy over my Jack LaLanee model.

As a quick “cocktail” I threw in an apple…

And a few carrots…

And voila!

It might look weird, but trust me, it is yuuuuumy.  The surprise is the natural sweetness of the drinks even when you add a ton of veggies.  I’m going to be working on some combinations that I’ll share with you along the way.

If you have a juicer already, try an after work snack.  If you don’t, look into them, they are well worth the investment!!

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